Splash & Dash: 3 Day Dive Getaway
Extended until 11th April

Lalaguna Villas - Puerto Galera's premier luxury dive resort


Enjoy a great few days of diving at Puerto Galera’s premier luxury dive resort Lalaguna Villas – only 3 hours from Manila.

We offer a full dive package to make your weekend diving getaway effortless.

With over 30 dive sites around Puerto Galera, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the #1 diving destination in the Philippines.

You’ll be staying in affordable luxury, with outstanding food and a lively bar to enjoy in the evening with your diving buddies.

Enjoy a great 3 days of diving during January & February, at Puerto Galera’s premier luxury dive resort Lalaguna Villas – only 3 hours from Manila.

Package Details


🔸 2 nights accommodation
🔸 9 dives over three days
🔸 full diving equipment
🔸 1 Nitrox dive

Not Included

🔸 Nitrox course, DPV course
🔸 Verde Island Trip

Offer valid for stay dates: 1st – 24th Feb, 28th Feb – 11th April
Weekend or Mid-Week available
*Room Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Lalaguna Villas - PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

Philippines Best Diving

On your weekend Dive trip, you will experience diving in shipwrecks, macro dives, wall drop-offs, and beautiful coral reefs. We also have a nice variety of sea creatures, from sharks to jackfish to the tiny blue-ringed octopus, all on your doorstep.

We highly recommend Nitrox diving (if certified) as it’s safer for multiple-day dives.

On every dive, we provide divers with water, fresh towels, and warm face towels.

For double-dives – we provide diver cookies to go on the boat.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by our staff with a warm welcome, refreshments, and a brief orientation.



We’ve chosen some of the best dive sites in Puerto Galera, so you’ll get to experience what this amazing diving region offers.

Sabang Wrecks Puerto Galera


Sabang Wrecks (18-20m)
Wreck, Sandy area

Your first dive will start in Sabang bay, Seagrass area to see most of the exciting marine life living in the bay with 3 sunken boats. Turtles are common in the seagrass area, with a maximum depth of 18m. These wrecks are teeming with every variety of tropical fish and make for excellent photo opportunities and night diving when cuttlefish of all varieties, squids, and flatworms come out to feed.

Hole in the Wall - Puerto Galera

Dive 2

Hole in the Wall (18-20m)
Sloping coral reef

A short tunnel at 12 meters through a mini-mountain makes for a very beautiful – and sometimes exciting – dive. In an area where currents meet, you’ll find schooling fish: Drummers, sweetlips, trevallies, and snappers. Whilst you swim through the hole, beware of lionfish and scorpionfish, as well as the feather-like hydroids growing on the walls – they sting! Good buoyancy is a must.

The top of the wall is covered in colorful soft coral attracting many colorful fish. Octopus, frogfish, turtles, sea snakes, anything can appear here. On the other side, lies another wall, covered in soft coral, sponges, green tree coral, and fans, it is the hiding place for many morays and puffers and it drops off into a flat lunar-like landscape with whole gardens of whip corals, vibrating in the current.

This can be a very easy dive, even novices – with good buoyancy control – can dive it.

Monkey Beach - Puerto Galera

Dive 3

Monkey Beach (18-24m)
Sloping reef

A coral slope down to 20 meters makes this an easy dive, except when currents are running – you can pick up quite a lot of speed here. If you drop in the middle of the bay, you will most likely encounter a wreck at 18 meters, tilted to the side. Many frogfish, especially the black variety, have made this area their home.

Look around in the sand and you’ll find lots of small holes, most of them inhabited by the shy jawfish. See anything green running swiftly over the sand from one coral to the next? It’s probably a mantis shrimp, they are very common here. Plenty of small reef fish, crinoids, and nudibranchs.

Secret Bay / Shipyard - Puerto Galera

Dive 4

Secret bay / Shipyard (18-20m)
Sand and seagrass area (muck diving)

A very special muck dive. As you descend you come across the wreckage of many wooden Bangka boats which have been scrapped in front of the shipyard. While there is plenty to see on these wrecks it’s not what you are here for. It’s time to head out over the sand! While at first, it looks like a barren desert your eyes start to notice life everywhere! With a well-trained guide at your side, this is a dive not to miss.

Common sightings in the muck are Frogfish, Thorny seahorse, Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, Flying Gurnards, Sea Moths, Solar Powered Nudibranch… The list goes on. The ShipYard has witnessed some real rarities in its short history such as Ambon and Rhinopias Scorpionfish, Bobbit Worms, and Gurnard Lion Fish. Due to the area the site is located in, visibility can drop dramatically, but who really cares when your eyes are focused straight down at the sand! Photographer’s Heaven.

Fantasea Reef - Puerto Galera

Dive 5

Night dive (must be certified)
Fantasea Reef

Located between 10 and 15 meters below the surface. Moderately exposed to the currents, it consists of a reef of resplendent corals which are regularly visited by Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Also found on the site are Striped Knit Snakes, Flounder Fish, Box Fish, Antennas, and a large number of Anthias.

Giant Clams Puerto Galera

Dive 6

Giant Clams (6-20m) 

This dive site is good for muck diving. The site starts shallow at 6m, where you can find the Giant Clams, some up to 1.5m wide, calmly filter-feeding the nutrient-rich waters. You then swim deeper and end up in the muck, a sandy grassy bottom, where Hairy Frogfish, different species of Nudibranch, Mimic Octopus and Wonderpus and Flamboyant Cuttlefish if you are lucky. Can be done as a night dive, where you can see the Mimics and Wonderpus come out to hunt!

Kilima Steps Puerto Galera

Dive 7

Kilima Steps (18-30m)

One of the best drift dives in Puerto Galera!
Drop in close to Hole In The Wall and let the current take you deeper along the slope, where currents and mother nature formed three spectacular canyons in the reef, with sheltering walls and sandy bottoms, where you can kneel down and rest – and watch the big fish fighting in the current above your head.

On all sides of the Canyons, the slope quickly drops down to 40 meters plus, so the only way once you get to the Canyons is… up! Schooling drums, trevallies, batfish, sweetlips and the big sea fans. Inside the canyons you’ll find octopus, scorpionfish, sea snakes and other reef fish.

At the end of the third and deepest canyon (30 m), there is an old Spanish anchor embedded in the rock. We sometimes spot bigger animals here: Manta rays, thresher sharks and hammerhead sharks have all been seen here. Best done in nitrox, this dive is different depending on the tides, and ends with a blue water ascent and a safety stop in blue water.

Alma Jane - Puerto Galera

Dive 8

Alma Jane (28-30m)

The wreck is home to soft corals and colorful reef fish. A mast and beams of the main decks are clad in hard and soft corals with several small gorgonian fans growing nearby. Sweetlips, rabbitfish, snappers, giant lionfish and batfish can always be found, as well as scorpionfish which can be seen outside walls of the vessel. There are plenty of critters hiding among the debris such as ghost pipefish, puffer fish, nudibranchs and a large variety of shrimps.

Dungon Wall  -  Puerto Galera

Dive 9

Dungon Wall (18-25m)

From a beautiful hard and soft coral slope, you’ll find yourself on a pretty wall starting at 12 meters and continuing down to 25 meters. The wall has plenty of cracks and crevices with lionfish, scorpionfish, and porcupine fish hiding in them. The wall is also famous for its assortment of nudibranchs and flatworms. Also, look around for moray eels: white-eyed, clouded, many of them stay in this area. See a black crinoid looking bulkier than normal? It’s probably a frogfish.

During the colder months, a big barracuda has often been seen resting close to the wall. Continue deeper from the wall and you will encounter the wreck of an old sailing catamaran. Inside the two hulls hide ringed pipefish, lionfish, pufferfish, and juveniles of all sorts. On your way shallower, you will find that big carpet anemones are common here, many of them inhabited not only by anemonefish but also by porcelain crabs.

Verde Island  -  Puerto Galera


Verde Island Day Trip (18-30m)

Minimum Dive Certification: Advanced Open water

2-3 day dives, minimum of 4 divers

Take a day trip to the spectacular Verde island, which is the epicenter of the Coral Triangle and hosts the greatest amount of different coral species condensed in one area.

With strong currents and 1000’s of species of fish all on a wall, we highly recommend experienced divers with a minimum dive level of advanced. We offer day trips with a BBQ lunch on a breathtaking beach island paradise.

Splash and Dash 3 Day Dive Getaway