With much of the planet on hold due to the pandemic, to the despair of diving enthusiasts worldwide, diving has also been halted in many regions. We’ve had to hit the pause button here at LLV Divers and Lalaguna Villas, as have our friends and guests that had planned to travel to dive with us during this period.

Although we see it as only temporary, maybe this is a time to reflect and plan for a future that is more in tune with the environment. Below, PADI share their feelings on the possible way forward. What do you think?

While most of us around the world are taking an extended surface interval, we find ourselves missing the ocean we love. But during this time of pause, we are seeing positive impacts on the natural world as daily habits that stress the environment are on hold.

There is no doubt that soon we will all return to the underwater places we love and seek out new adventures we have been dreaming of. While nature is taking this time to reset and to catch its breath, let’s think about how we can be more thoughtful inhabitants of this ocean planet.

Together we have the power to protect what we love. Let’s return to the ocean with a promise that we will do everything we can – above and below the surface – to build on the recent changes we have made, not just for our wellbeing but for the health of the ocean. If we take care of her, she will continue to take care of us.

PADI – April 2020

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