Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera

Lalaguna Villas Team Discovering Scuba

If you think some of our team here at Lalaguna Villas might be divers, you’d be correct. But not every one of them has ventured under the water.

Well, that’s now changing!

Starting this week, all of our staff members have their chance to experience diving for the first time with the PADI Discover Scuba course.

Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera
Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera

Learning to Dive

The LLV Divers team will be taking their work colleagues through the introductory course, beginning with training in the pool and concluding with an offshore dive from one of our speedboats.

Today was a great start, with members of reservations, accounting, security, and the dive shop, all giving diving a try for the first time. 

Ja, Jake, and Antony from the diving team started the training with the PADI instructional videos in our dive shop, then moved on to the pool so their eager colleagues could venture under the surface. And that’s where the fun began!

While some were slightly timid, others were very enthusiastic to feel what it’s like to be in the water with diving gear, and all of them ventured below the surface, under the watchful eyes of the diving team.

Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera
Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera

With the pool training done, it was time to head out into the water on one of Lalaguna Villas speedboats to Sabang Bay, only a few minutes away. This area is perfect for a first dive, and it was a beautiful day out on the water.

With a couple of turtles surfacing for air beside the boat, all of the team plunged below the surface to experience the amazing underwater world of scuba diving for the first time.

It was smiles all around after the dive – well done to everyone, it was a great day!

Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera
Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera

So what is the Discover Scuba Course?

It’s a great way to give diving a try while you’re staying with us and sets the foundation for certification courses.

It begins in our pool, then continues with a dive at sea, all under the instruction and care of our professional team from LLV Divers.

While not a certification course, Discover Scuba is a quick, easy and fun introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world, preparing you should you wish to continue your diving journey.

Lalaguna Villas - the Best Diving in Puerto Galera

PADI Open Water

And if you decide to continue your diving journey, you can take the PADI Open Water course to become a certified diver.

You’ll earn the necessary skills with videos and instruction from our PADI professionals, gain introductory practice in LLV’s large training pool, then advance to open water dives to complete your certification in around 3-4 days.

On completion, you’ll be a certified PADI diver, enabling you to dive all over the world with PADI-affiliated dive centers and continue advancing your skills with further courses and new diving experiences.

So, join our team members and give diving a try. You’ll be safe with our diving team and will have a whole lot of fun.

Start your diving adventure now!

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