Down to the dive site: Sabang Wrecks

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Dive site name: Sabang Wrecks

Dive type: wreck dive,  marine life dive

Depth: 9 – 22m 

Viz: 5m to 25m 

Skill level: beginner and up 

Getting there: two minutes by boat

Sabang Wrecks is one of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera. Don’t be fooled by its proximity to the bay – not everything in life is hard to get. This site is popular for a reason – well, for a lot of reasons!

You want wreck diving? This site has four sunken vessels. You want sea turtles? You’ll probably spot several here. Do you like tropical fish? You can swim through shoals of them. Only a beginner? That’s okay – you can enjoy the best of this site without ever diving below 18m. Don’t like long journeys? Sabang Wrecks is two minutes by speedboat from our front door.

Some dive sites just have it all.

A photograph taken by one of the LLV dive team at Sabang Wrecks

The wreck of a small steel yacht, two sunken wooden vessels in varying stages of decay, and a fibreglass hull sprouting rows of soft purple corals form the heart of this dive – and the wealth of corals and fish which have occupied the wrecks are astonishing.

You can see batfish schooling near the wrecks which attract fellow travellers including damselfish, butterflyfish and surgeonfish. Keep your eyes peeled for moray eels, schools of cardinalfish, shrimps, gobies, wrasse, hawkfish and pufferfish too. 

The fish have become used to local dive guides feeding them (not our dive guides we hasten to add!) so they are incredibly friendly and unafraid of divers – just hold out your hand and they will come up to say hi, or swim through shoals of hundreds and they’ll barely move out of your way.

Under the wrecks there are camouflaged scorpion fish and stone fish, as well as eels, lionfish, crabs and shrimps. Look carefully and you may spot schools of catfish or squirrelfish.

A guest's recent photo of a turtle at Sabang Wrecks

You’ll find frogfish on the wrecks and on the sand, and our eagle-eyed guides may help you spot rarer finds including ghost pipefish, moth fish, flying gurnards or leaf fish.

Turtles are common here, grazing on sea grasses in sandy areas between the wrecks, where you’ll also find skeleton shrimp, demon stingers and juvenile frogfish too young to make it up onto the wrecks. 

At LaLaguna Villas we pride ourselves on showing our guests the variety of dive sites Puerto Galera has to offer, but it’s no surprise Sabang Wrecks is one of the spots which generates most requests for a repeat visit. You can dive this site again and again and find new treats each time.

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