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It’s official… Puerto Galera is the Diving Capital of the Philippines!

In a day marked by thunderous celebrations (and no shortage of actual thunder) Puerto Galera celebrated being officially named the Diving Capital of the Philippines on Thursday.

The day, which was graced by some unseasonal weather, graced off just after 6am with a community clean-up dive which saw participants from more than a dozen of the municipality’s more than 60 dive operators join forces in the bay to collect debris and protect the environment.

A good dive was had and a good haul collected, but after years of Puerto Galera’s regular community clean-up dives, these are some of the cleanest waters and best-protected corals in the Philippines.

Then later in the main tent in Sabang as part of week-long Oktoberfest celebrations visitors could shop at a dive bazaar where everything from branded t-shirts to dive masks to wetsuits, buoys and plush nudibranches where available to buy.

The Mayor was in attendance and his top tourism adviser Noe Lineses explained: “This branding is important to us. Manila is the capital and they say Borocay is the beach capital, okay, so what is even better than that? The diving capital – that is us!”

LLV MD Daniel Stracey

He explained that the area’s location in the Verde Island Passage, its numerous international accolades, its incredible variety of dive sites, their ease of access from the shore, our 60+ dive operators, and our proximity to Manila were all factors which justified the official title of Diving Capital of the Philippines.

Through the afternoon representatives from old media and new were guided through the waters of the Sabang Bay on a mass Discover Scuba Diving course which allowed many to marvel at our underwater world for the first time.

As countless others have been before them, they were stunned and delighted to see the graceful turtles, darting angelfish and Moorish idols, teeming jacks, picturesque starfish and otherwordly corals which grace our waters.

Many insisted they would be doing more diving while here in Puerto Galera.   

Later tour operators took to the stage (including our own Daniel Stracy, managing director of LLV, pictured above) to talk about what makes Puerto Galera so special.

To a chorus of cheers from the audience, tasked with identifying the menagerie of marine life which appeared on screens playing behind him as he spoke, Daniel talked about the beauty of Puerto Galera’s waters, its appeal as a destination, and the personal touch that LLV’s PADI dive pros and instructors bring to our guests and students’ experiences.

And after the verbal fireworks it was time for the real thing, with explosive bursts in the sky overhead to mar the occasion, and a spectacular indoor display of fire and flame – which will be repeated on Sunday night at Lalaguna Villas when LLV hosts Oktoberfest’s official afterparty, starting at 11pm.


So after years of saying it about ourselves we are delighted to revel in the fact of Puerto Galera being officially the Diving Capital of the Philippines – and what better time for you to come and join us to celebrate?

Get in touch to book your stay at Lalaguna Villas, the finest dive centre and luxury resort in Puerto Galera.

You’ll experience the best dive instructors and dive guides, at the best dive locations, in the diving capital of the country which has won “best dive location in the world” at the World Travel Awards for the last five years in a row!

Not only ALLLLL of that, you’ll also experience… 

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See you soon! 

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