At Lalaguna Villas, we believe in protecting the unique natural heritage of the North Mindoro Marine Protected Areas for our guests, for biodiversity and for future generations.

To assist with this, we have partnered with Blue Alliance Philippines, a non-profit organization responsible for the management and protection of the North Mindoro Marine Protected Areas, and assist in raising funds through tourism.

As such, we are offering an opportunity for everyone who dives with us to contribute to maintaining and restoring our ocean by donating P50 ($1USD) per dive or more at your own discretion. This way you can be assured that your vacation has played a role in sustainable marine conservation.

To find out more, please visit www.divemindoro.org



Being located in such a magnificent area, we’re passionate about protecting the natural environment.

Our sustainability efforts are in areas such as advanced water conservation, purification and recycling, and a state of the art power management system for greater efficiency.

This is part of our ongoing environmental awareness program, as a member of the voluntary international program known as Zero Carbon Resorts.

We’re a supporter of the Department of Tourism (DOT) “Save Our Spots (SOS)” campaign, to inspire a culture of responsible and sustainable tourism, in an effort to save precious environmental and cultural areas.


Lalaguna Villas is one of only 27 hotels and resorts that were named pioneer awardees for the ANAHAW Philippine Sustainable Tourism Certification (2018-2020).

We are the only resort in the Puerto Galera area to have achieved this important certification.

The Anahaw certification initiative aims to reduce the carbon emission impact of tourism, by empowering resorts to use innovative techniques to help save energy, water, fuel, and other resources, reduce waste and carbon emission, and improve overall operational efficiency.

We have made significant strides in all of these areas, and also continue to advance in other areas that are not part of the requirements.


Aiming to advance towards carbon-neutral operations through the adoption of innovative practices and technology, the use of renewable resources, and resource efficiency, the Center for Appropriate Technology from Austria (GrAT) launched the Zero Carbon Resorts for Sustainable Tourism project in the Philippines and Thailand.

Interventions range from simple measures such as identifying and eliminating energy and resource waste and implementing efficient practices, to leading-edge technologies to heighten resource efficiency.

We’re proud to be a member of this vital project, and we look forward to our continuing cooperation.

ANAHAW Awardees for 2018 -2020 – Lalaguna Villas – Level 1


While many lifestyle brands have adopted sustainability for marketing reasons, at Lalaguna Villas, being eco-conscious was never part of a marketing strategy, it’s been part of our DNA from the start.

The reason we built our resort in such an idyllic beachfront location in Puerto Galera, surrounded by pristine waters and the world’s best diving, is that we truly value what nature put here. Why would we not want to preserve that for ourselves and for everyone that visits this remarkable area?

So while we’re grateful to be recognized for our eco-conscious endeavors and investment, it’s something we feel strongly about doing anyway and will continue to push to lead the way in our region.

To us, sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adapting, ensuring the balance between environmental limits and usage is maintained.

We know that many of our guests also feel strongly about being eco-conscious, as many of you are avid divers that value the natural ecosystem in this region. We’re proud of our initiatives to conserve our natural resources and are happy to give interested guests a tour of our facilities.

Please see our blog posts below to learn more about specific eco-conscious projects that we’ve completed, and continue to improve, at Lalaguna Villas.