Why guests choose LLV: 24 Hour Service

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Why do people choose LLV? 24- hour service

One of the reasons people make Lalaguna Villas their Puerto Galera dive resort of choice – and that they come back again and again – is that unlike so many so-called “luxury” diving resorts in the Philippines, here you can enjoy yourself any time you like.

You will enjoy personal and personable service from our staff of nearly 100 who work day and night – literally – to ensure that every moment you spend you feel attentively looked after. This is true at our front desk, in our superb bar and restaurant, in our landscaped pool and in our luxurious rooms.

The friendly team at our 24-hour front desk will look after you day and night

24-hour front desk

We’ve all had the frustration of a delayed flight or tumultuous traffic leading to a check-in later than we anticipated.

But here at LLV you don’t need to scramble to send a last-minute email or hope that a part-time night porter will be available to let you in.

Our friendly English-speaking team man the front desk 24 hours a day to greet new arrivals and take care of guests. They ensure that anything you need, whether it’s checking in, arranging a day trip, booking a diving course or anything else, you can arrange at any hour of the day or night.

Our well-stocked poolside bar is open 24 hours a day

24-hour poolside bar and restaurant

We pride ourselves on taking care of our guests better than any other Puerto Galera dive resort and that extends to creature comforts too.

Whether you want a breakfast before dawn because you’re heading out on a hike or an early dive, or a slap-up feast in the middle of the night having been out dancing the night away in the bars of Sabang, we’ve got you covered. 

Our well-stocked poolside bar is open 24 hours a day and so is our superb restaurant where the chefs can whip you up everything from a Filipino tapsilog to a ribeye steak at 3 in the morning if you so wish.

The menu features an extensive range of asian and western cuisine with a focus on fresh local produce – and nothing but the freshest local seafood – plus there are international beers, spirits, and signature cocktails available from our talented bartenders and even a specialist wine cellar for the connoisseurs.

The LLV pool is the biggest in Puerto Galera

24-hour pool

Who doesn’t love a dip under the stars? But so often petty rules and restrictions get in the way of an evening or night-time swim, seemingly for no reason at all.

Not here at LLV. Here in Puerto Galera’s finest luxury dive resort you can dive in or enjoy a relaxing float any time you wish, safe in the knowledge attentive staff are nearby poolside to bring you anything you might need. 


So come and join us, and enjoy yourself morning noon and night at LaLaguna Villas. Pop over to our Accommodation Page to book a stay, or get in touch:  Phone: +63 917 570 3415    |    WhatsApp / WeChat / Viber: +63 917 570 3415    |    Email: info@lalagunavillas.com.ph    |    Go to our Contact Us page


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