Opening of the new LLV Divers


Jan 7, 2020

We did it! After months of careful planning and intense construction, our new dive shop at Lalaguna Villas is open for business, providing a new home for LLV Divers that combines state of the art design and the ultimate in functionality.

You have to see it, to know why we’re so excited, we think it’s by far the most impressive dive shop in Puerto Galera.

LLV Divers at Lalaguna Villas

Right on the beachfront giving instant access to our 3 diving speedboats; we have space for a learning area with large TV’s to watch course videos, designated areas for all equipment (including your own), a central area to gather for pre or post-dive chats, and a fantastic view of the world-renowned Verde Island Passage.

It really is a first-class diving center.

What a great view!

Yes, they’re hand-painted murals and a map of Puerto Galera’s best dive sites on the wall.

Being one of the busiest times of the year, we’ve not had time to sit back and take it all in. It’s been a full house right from the start, with guests and divers from around the world doing what they came here to do, dive with our very popular skilled dive team.

It’s been a great week, with many groups and families earning their new PADI certificates, enjoying great fun diving, and everyone getting involved in the excitement surrounding our grand opening.

Thanks to our very talented team – Ja, Conan, Ken, and Liam – for making this a great week, it’s been a busy one for everyone at LLV Divers and Lalaguna Villas.

Opening of the new LLV Divers
LLV Divers

So what do we offer our guests at LLV Divers?

  • Largest training pool in the area
  • New state of the art dive center
  • Cressi professional diving equipment
  • Modern dive speedboats for quick transit
  • Our highly respected professional dive team
  • Multilingual team: English, Chinese, Japanese & Tagalog
  • Maximum of 5 divers per Divemaster
  • Training from PADI Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster
  • Fantastic diving and fun experience

Ready to dive with us? Check out our diving page for all the details.

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