‘We’ve done 12 dives, and been taken to 12 different dive sites. It’s been excellent’ – Peter and Mina’s story

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“We’ve been on 12 dives, we’ve been to 12 different dive sites. It’s been absolutely excellent. 

“It wasn’t like that when we stayed at [a different resort in Puerto Galera] – they took us to the same place a number of times,” Peter Kane, 65, said on the LLV speedboat on our way back from exploring Sabang Wrecks.

“To be honest it got a little boring,” Mina added.

Peter Kane and his wife Mina were kind enough to speak to the LLV Blog after we returned to dry land, as they came to the end of their stay with us this week [April 2023].

Peter, a Scot who lived for many years in New Zealand before moving to the Philippines, and Mina from Hong Kong, have recently retired and took up diving 14 months ago, promising themselves they would indulge their new hobby one week a month. They have traveled from their Manila home all over the country, exploring the best underwater locations.

A photograph taken by one of the LLV dive team at Sabang Wrecks

Mina celebrated her 100th dive while she was with us here in Lalaguna (the dive shop team made her a surprise t-shirt to mark the achievement!) and Peter is coming along just a handful of dives behind.

He said: “The friend who inspired us to get into diving told us, if you’re going to Puerto Galera, stay at LLV.

“This has been our second trip to Puerto Galera, but I’d say it’s the best trip we’ve had anywhere – and that’s out of all the locations we’ve been since we started these monthly trips last year.

“We’ve been to Panalaw, Dauin, Dumaguete, oh a bunch of others.

“This has been the best dive week we’ve had, both in terms of accommodation in LLV – and the staff, and the service, the menu, the quality of the food, it’s all been absolutely great – and the diving.

“The diving is right on your doorstep, but then they’ve also taken us to all these different dive sites. At [the resort they previously stayed in in Puerto Galera] we were taken to the same dive sites two or three times it did get kind of boring if I’m honest. And the boat was so tiny we could hardly bring anything with us.

“LLV has been really, really good.”

Mina’s favourite dive moment of the trip was spotting a white thorny seahorse as she was searching the seabed for critters, while Pete admitted “I just absolutely love the moray eels and we’ve seen a lot.”

The couple have trips lined up for the coming months but we will see them again soon.

“We’ll come back here for sure,” Peter told the LLV Blog. “Puerto Galera has got to be one of the best dives sites in the Philippines and we’ve had a wonderful time.”

After breakfast by the side of the LLV pool the next morning the pair headed off to pack for their return trip. 

They were booked on the 1pm roll-on-roll-off ferry from Puerto Galera to Batangas, and Mina told us they expected to walk in their front door in Manila before 4pm. “It’s just so convenient”, she said.

Lalaguna Villas - Seahorse Edited

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Mina and Peter Kane with the LLV dive gang outside the resort, April 2023

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