Why guests choose LLV: a valet-service dive experience

by | May 23, 2023 | Diving, Puerto Galera, Resort, Services

Scuba diving in Puerto Galera is one of the world’s great experiences.

There are over thirty dive sites just off the coast, the waters are warm and clear, and you are in the centre of the Coral Triangle, the “amazon of the seas”, home to 76% of all known coral species, 37% of reef fish, and six of the seven species of sea turtle.

But even in a paradise like this one there can be tedious tasks or frustrations. Too many dive resorts only go to the same handful of dive sites, or have rickety undermanned boats with no awning to protect divers from the sun, or their dive shop is full of old or substandard equipment. 

Some don’t have enough staff to help clients with their equipment, or don’t have staff who speak your language.

Not here. 

Here at LaLaguna Villas, a PADI 5-Star resort and the premier dive resort in Puerto Galera, our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our divers’ experience.

A detailed dive briefing
Our speedboats provide cover from the sun and space for all your gear

The equipment we provide is first class, high quality and extremely reliable. We have ScubaPro BCD jackets and modern wing-style BCDs, as well as ScubaPro regulators and fins – in fact we’re the only authorized ScubaPro service centre in Puerto Galera.

Our boots and wetsuits are available in every size from XS to XXL. 

Our professional team of PADI instructors, PADI divemasters, and trained crew and assistants take care of guests diving needs from training courses to camera care.

The scuba tank we provide you will be checked and filled by one of our trained compressor room technicians using our own state-of-the-art equipment, and Nitrox enhanced air can be provided for every diver on every dive if they wish.

Our team will help assemble your equipment before your dive and carry it out to the boat, as well as dealing with dismantling and care after your dive.

Our boats are fast and new and spacious and covered, so you’re not fighting for space or suffering from sun exposure. There’s always cleaning fluid for your mask and a water tank to put your camera in and of course a fully-stocked first aid kit in case of emergencies.

Every boat has a two-man crew as well as our dive professionals on board, so any guest who wants help in or out of their gear can have that even while the captain is mooring up or maneuvering to pick up other divers, and there’s someone to hand your camera or BCD up to at the end of your dive so you’re not struggling up the steps fully laden.

Come in - the water's lovely

There’s even someone to hand you a hot towel at the end of the dive.

Before we set out you’ll get a comprehensive dive briefing from one of our PADI pros, to let you know where we’re going, what to look out for and what to expect.

Perhaps best of all, once you’re underwater our superb team will help spot the best local wildlife, even if you’re hunting nudibranches which might be a centimetre or less in size.

We never have more than five divers per divemaster or instructor but often you will enjoy a two-to-one or even one-to-one service from our team.

PADI staff instructor Ja Atienza pointing out a tiny nudibranch to a guest on a recent dive
PADI staff instructor Ja Atienza pointing out a tiny nudibranch to a guest on a recent dive - closeup

So come and enjoy the best dive shop in Puerto Galera. Click over to our Accommodation Page to book a stay, or our Diving page to look at the courses and prices we offer, and get in touch:  Phone: +63 917 570 3415    |    WhatsApp / WeChat / Viber: +63 917 570 3415    |    Email: [email protected]    |    Go to our Contact Us page

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